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Spring Forward, Propel Toward Health!

As we set our clocks ahead, let this also be the time that we propel ourselves forward.   In the short time we have between now and Memorial Day weekend, we will have some pretty major events - spring break, spring weddings, Easter, prom, and a host of other warm weather activities. Are YOU ready?

I know personally how scary the thought of spring break, bathing suits, pools, and beaches can be. I use my weight loss history as knowledge and strength to help others achieve success.  Whether you are planning a wedding, preparing for vacation, going to prom, needing a boost at the office, or simply want to feel confident when you shed your winter layers, I am here for you!  I will educate, encourage, and motivate you the entire time.  Check out my Services and Events & Catering pages to see all the ways I will help you this spring.  Contact me today to get started! And make sure to get a copy of my book Don't Diet, Live It! Obesity is 100% preventable and this spring is your time to propel forward! 
Dyan Damron (Coach D) - Phone: (615) 310-6634-Email: ddamron1@hotmail.com
Coach D's Background

I grew up athletic, but due to poor eating habits, I was always heavy & self-conscious. Furthermore, heart disease, diabetes, high triglycerides, & migraines ran in my family. By learning about food and exercise, I began to understand the importance of a healthy eating & exercise regimen. In college, I lost over 50 pounds and I have never felt better mentally & physically. After years of helping friends & family lose weight and get healthy, I quit my job as a civil engineer, and I now work full-time as a health & weight loss coach. 

Being physically fit and eating nutritiously will make you feel better and have more energy to enjoy life. I truly believe that lack of awareness and education about nutrition and exercise causes a large part of today’s obesity. But together we can reverse the obesity epidemic. I can help you make small changes in your lifestyle to help you look & feel better. I will offer tips on shopping for groceries, cooking and preparing meals, scheduling exercise, plus much more...kids included! I changed my life and now it is YOUR turn!  
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Television Appearances
I'm a frequent guest on Nashville's News Channel 5! Check out my recent Talk of the Town segments for my fun and delicious St. Patrick's Day recipesResolution Tips, & Energy Boosters. Catch up on OpenLine  for Reignite Your Health & Healthy New YearAnd stay tuned for future appearances!