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One-on-One Don't Diet, Live It Sessions – My signature program focuses on both exercise & nutrition.  It includes a one-time in-home consultation and setup (90 minutes), successive in-home visits (1 hour), and follow-up emails after each visit for encouragement, recommendations, and advice.  A customized workout plan is created for each individual and is modified as client makes progress.  Each client’s kitchen and daily eating habits are reviewed and a customized nutrition guide is developed.  Changes in eating habits and exercise levels are not drastic and weekly goals are set as progress is made.  We typically meet once per week (more or less often if preferred) for a weigh-in, blood pressure & pulse reading, and 40-minute workout each meeting.  Prices: $100 for one-time in-home setup, $50 per successive in-home meeting & email.  

Group Don’t Diet, Live It Sessions – It can be daunting to start a routine of planning & preparing healthful meals and scheduling time for exercise.  I offer group/family sessions to kick start your healthy routine. Group sessions are as follows: Planning & Scheduling; Grocery Navigating & Shopping; Preparing Meals & Snacks; Fitting in Fitness.  Each session will provide tips & techniques to make healthy choices at home, at the store, and on-the-go.  Groups are encouraged because I give tips on grocery sharing, recipe swapping, and group support.  Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes and can be scheduled to your needs on weekdays or weekends.  Prices: $50 per person per session.

Workplace/Organization/Group Presentations – I make presentations to offices, professional organizations (i.e. Rotary), church groups, and social clubs.  Groups of any size can be accommodated. Brunch or lunch can also be provided - see my Lunch-&-Learns.  Prices: Vary based on setting, location, and number of attendees.  

Workplace Weight Loss Program – So many times the office can be a place that sabotages employees' waistlines.  47% of employees from an online poll say office snack options keep them from eating healthily. Also, 63% of them think eating healthily at work is a challenge.  A professor at the University of Illinois has found that exercise can make you smarter.  His study reveals that moderate exercise – 30 minutes for adults and 20 minutes for children – results in a 5-10% improvement in cognition.  I will help get your employees and coworkers to a healthy weight, which can actually increase the office's productivity and bottom line! Prices: $50/person for one-time in-office setup, $25 per successive in-office meeting & email.  Sign-up minimum of four employees.  

Kids Programs – I am available for presentations/programs to children (and adults) on the importance of eating healthy, staying active, and feeling good about yourself.  It should be less about appearance and more about quality of life for our kids.  My programs are fun and interactive for kids of all ages.  Its all about how you approach kids - healthy can be fun and cool.  Customized Coach D wristbands are handed out in each program.  Prices: Vary.

In-home Personal Training – This does not include the nutrition advice or follow-up emails.  A customized workout plan is created for each individual and is modified as client makes progress.  Prices: $40 per hour.  For two or more people, the rate is reduced to $30 per hour. 

In-home Nutrition Consulting – This does not include the personal fitness training or follow-up emails. A customized nutrition plan, including sample meals & grocery/restaurant advice, is created for each individual and is modified as client makes progress.  Prices: $40 per hour.  For two or more people, the rate is reduced to $30 per hour. 

I do not believe in diets, cleanses, or any other gimmicks that claim easy weight loss. I believe in living a balanced life and everything in moderation. I take a “whole-istic” approach to a healthy life – comprehensive wellness for all aspects of life and every age and stage of life. I am equipped to help you with any nutrition and fitness need or challenge.   
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Coach D Consulting
Day 1
Weight: 227.6 lbs
Blood Pressure: 144/90
Pulse: 69
Waist: 44.5 inches
Thigh: 22.0 inches
2 months
Weight: 205.6 lbs
Blood Pressure: 132/80
Pulse: 65
Waist: 40.0 inches
Thigh: 20.5 inches
5 months
Weight: 184.6 lbs
Blood Pressure: 125/74
Pulse: 59
Waist: 36.5 inches
Thigh: 20.0 inches
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