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I'm a frequent guest on Nashville's News Channel 5! Check out all my videos below. And contact me to have me as a guest on your television or radio show or podcast!  Stay tuned for upcoming appearances and shows
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Are you ready for a summer adventure? 

Yep, it’s official. Summer is upon us. Memorial Day kicks off what is sure to be a fun four months filled with pool parties, cookouts, cold drinks, and a host of summertime treats. Summer is the time to enjoy life. It is also time for an adventure. So, make sure you check out my upcoming events for fun summer activities! 

Whatever you have planned for the summer - beach, pool, picnic, wedding, vacation, staycation, reunion, or just the daily grind - I am here for you. I have the fitness and nutrition plan customized just for you. And I will educate, encourage, and motivate you the entire time. I’ve got you covered for delicious food and giftsparties, and even a motivational book! Embark on a summer adventure, and you’ll be sure to sizzle!